Profile Management

MED e-care provides a single location for resident information and includes robust features to support all aspects of managing long-term, retirement, assisted living, and independent living unit residents.

MED e-care’s user-friendly interface provides role-based, secure access to information and administrative functions in an integrated, single view that streamlines your workflow, improves efficiency and alleviates redundancies.

ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer)

In ADT, staff are able to record a set of client information; track client location and status; maintain census period information for billing; centralize client information and share it with other MED e-care applications, both clinical and financial.  In MED e-care’s Admission Discharge Transfer (eADT) Module user can do the following:

  • Record a comprehensive set of resident information
  • Use eADT to track resident location and status
  • Maintain census information
  • Centralize resident information and share it with other MED e-care applications, both clinical and financial.
ADT - Admission, Discharge, Transfer

Resident Profile

MED e-care’s Resident Profile provides a real-time overview of any resident in your facility.

Interface MAR-ADT

MED e-care’s eADT module interfaces with various healthcare provider systems such as Pharmacy systems and HL7 which conforms to a set of international standards for transfer of clinical and administrative data between health care software applications.

ADT - Admission, Discharge, Transfer
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