ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer)

In ADT, staff are able to record a set of client information; track client location and status; maintain census period information for billing; centralize client information and share it with other MED e-care applications, both clinical and financial. Pre-admission and wait listing functionality allows staff to prepare for clients’ arrival in advance, including bed reserve and pre-admission assessments.

Key Features:

  • Data flows from ADT to the RAI/MDS, including Diagnosis. Items in MDS/CCRS/CHA sections are automatically filled in, including name, gender, birth date, ethnicity, health care number, postal code, occupation, room number, and marital status.
  • Face Sheets are prepared automatically using information entered in ADT.
  • Province-specific and facility-specific formats are available.
  • Mortician receipts can be printed separately or as a second page to the Face Sheet.
  • Drop-down lists of possible entries are provided throughout ADT, along with search features, to assist in data entry.

Retain Pre-registration Data

At the first contact with a prospective resident, you can collect and store information using the Pre-registration window.   ADT maintains a wait-list of active prospects. Once the inquiry becomes an admission, the Pre-registration data can easily be transferred to Registration without any re-keying.

Quickly Enter and Retrieve Resident Data

  • Comprehensive information on each Resident is entered and always available from one main window.
  • Information is sorted into the following categories: Personal Data: marital status, occupation, gender, date of birth
  • Contacts: personal and professional, such as; dentists, physicians, next of kin, etc.
  • Allergies and Diagnosis: description and onset date
  • Optional Information: open fields available to collect user defined data
  • Location: building, station, room, bed

Payer: data entry fields specific to Medicare, Private Pay/other, and Insurance plans.

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