Why Meditation and Yoga is Good for Seniors?

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Yoga and meditation is becoming more and more popular with younger people. However, meditation and yoga are exceptionally beneficial to older adults. Being a form of exercise, yoga and meditation can reduce stress, improve strength and much more.

What are The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Seniors?

The two offer not only physical benefits but they also provide a lot of mental benefits to seniors:

A remedy for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a common symptom among seniors. Yoga and meditation is the best alternative to prescription painkillers. It can help build muscle strength and at the same time improve damaged joints, thus improving pain management.

Reduces Stress

If practiced carefully, yoga and meditation are excellent relaxation techniques. By engaging in this form of exercise, one can release all the tension carried by their body. Moreover, meditation also helps reduce levels of confusion by inducing a sense of relaxation and calmness. It increases blood flow thus allowing the body and mind to find its natural and peaceful state. This can be quite beneficial to seniors with Dementia or early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Improves Mood

Seniors who practice both yoga and meditation notice an improvement in their mood. The two also do a great job at decreasing feelings of depression which is common among seniors. By meditating, they will be able to accept the changes happening in their lives.

Weight Management

Yes, it might be a bit challenging for seniors to work out. But, yoga is an excellent form of exercise that requires minimal physical activity. A one-hour yoga session per week can contribute to managing the weight of a senior.

Aids in the Management of Hypertension and Diabetes

Yoga and meditation are well known for the role they play in regulating hypertension and sugar levels. The practice of combining yoga and meditation trains one to learn how to control his/her breathing. This in turn contributes to putting the body and mind in a state of deep relaxation thus regulating blood pressure.

In the case of Diabetes, there are some yoga poses which improve blood circulation and stimulate the pancreas to release insulin, hence lowering blood sugar levels. Also, since yoga and meditation are great stress relievers, this also contributes to diabetes management.

What is The Best Yoga for Seniors?

Among the many types of yoga that exist, restorative yoga is considered the best for seniors. This is because it entails the use of body supporting props and the poses are simple. Moreover, restorative yoga allows the stretching and opening up of muscles thus promoting maximum relaxation.

Meditation and yoga guarantees that a senior will be healthier, happier and calmer. If you are a nurse in a retirement home, it is advisable that you encourage the seniors to meditate and practice yoga during their free time. You can start by scheduling yoga classes with a professional yogi who is experienced in instructing older adults.


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