Nursing Home

MED e-care provides comprehensive set of solutions to address the complex care needs of the present day resident, while ensuring that CIHI CCRS/MDS/ACCIS/LTCF assessments meet all requirements.


MED e-care has recognized and developed the tools to meet the specific needs of Retirement Homes. Contact us to see what everyone is talking about.


MED e-care’s Rehabilitation software is integrated with features for submission to the National Rehabilitation System (NRS) and Complex Care (CCRS).

Mental Health

MED e-care offers cutting-edge solutions supporting Mental Health (OMHRS) units to deliver, record and analyze excellent care at every stage of the resident care lifecycle while meeting Ministry of Health requirements and driving quality improvements.

Group Home

MED e-care recognizes the specific and diverse needs of a group home setting. Our software can be adapted to each setting in order to provide the most effective and consistent care.


MED e-care’s eMAR offers your clients an innovative solution to medication administration (web-based & offline). Contact us for a more detailed explanation of what is offered.

LTC/Care Homes

Clinical offers clients an innovative and integrated EHR solution.  Add more text

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Retirement offers clients an innovative and integrated set solution.

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Rehabilitation software enables user-friendly collection and submission of data for the National Rehabilitation System (NRS) and interfaces directly with MED e-care’s entire suite of clinical software.

Mental Health

RAI-MH is MED e-care’s newly enhanced software module that allows hospitals to submit mandated data to CIHI (Canadian Institute for Health Information).

Complex Continuing Care

Optimize your funding with the MDS CCRS system which calculates key indicators such as RUG-III, 35 Quality Indicators (QIs), 18 Resident Assessment Protocols (RAPs) and automatically updates the RAP tool for easier data entry and care planning.

Complex Continuing Care

Home Care is healthcare or supportive care provided in the patient’s home by licensed healthcare professionals.

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