(Ontario Mental Health Reporting System)

RAI-MH is MED e-care’s newly enhanced software module that allows hospitals to submit mandated data to CIHI (Canadian Institute for Health Information). Our company has a team of psychiatric nurses who have helped build the interface and the nursing reports. This software module implements the RAI-MH that has been developed by interRAI, a collaborative network of researchers from over 20 countries committed to improving healthcare for persons who are elderly, frail, or disabled.

A need has been identified to compensate the lack of technological involvement in the Mental Health environment. Our RAI-MH based module is a web-based clinical assessment and data collection system that allows hospitals to collect individual patient information, incorporate this data into their care planning activities and help to identify key clinical issues related to patient care. MED e-care RAI-MH software calculates and reports on nationally accepted socio-demographic and health characteristics, accessibility, resource utilization, efficiency, and outcomes/effectiveness indicators.

The MDS-MH tool offers key features that will improve the data collection process considerably:

  • User friendly: The software is designed to incorporate extensive feedback from the clinical and nursing staff who participated in the development process; the system is easy to navigate and understand.
  • Well priced: The software is cost-efficient and offers competitive payment options; MED e-care offers thorough and timely technical support for all of our clients.

MED e-care’s RAI-MH product can interface easily with other applications, including patient management systems such as Meditech, McKesson and MediSolutions. The software is fully integrated with MED e-care’s software suite including ePlan, eADT and eFinancials. Backed by one of the best technical and clinical support services in the business, MED e-care’s RAI-MH offering remains unsurpassed in value and quality.

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