[Toronto, Ontario] 25th September, 2018 – MED e-care Healthcare Solutions announced the partnership with McGill University to implement its deprescribing tool MedSafer in its eMAR to identify potentially inappropriate medications prescribed to residents at care facilities. This will help to improve safety and reduce the pill burden and risk of adverse clinical outcomes resulting from inappropriate prescribing.

To learn more about how we can complement your LTCF’s system with MED e-care’s fully integrated pharmacy MAR software, which includes: Administration Modules (Billing & Trust, CRM), Clinical Modules (eMAR, eTAR and eNotes) and Operations Modules (Business Intelligence and Comprehensive Reporting), etc. after the collaboration. Please feel free to contact us via sales@mede-care.com or call us at 001-416-686-8592 ext.4. We look forward to being of service to you!

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About MED e-care: MED e-care is a global software-solution provider within long-term and chronic care sectors for nursing homes, hospitals, mental health and retirement communities. We provide a full platform with an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, in French and English, for complete management of the Resident Care Lifecycle. From single-home independents to large chains, our healthcare software links an organization’s clinical, medication, financial and business processes to manage and use information for progressive improvements. Increased operational effectiveness, funding opportunities, staff productivity, quality of resident care, and reduced risk to business are accomplished with MED e-care’s software. For more information, visit mede-care.com.

About MedSafer: MedSafer is an electronic tool developed by clinician-scientists at McGill University, Montreal to help physicians and pharmacists identify and act upon opportunities for medication deprescribing in older adults. MedSafer applies an electronic set of criteria, derived from the most current literature, including the STOPP criteria, and has been piloted by teams of geriatricians, internists, palliative care doctors and pharmacists from Ontario and Québec to identify potentially inappropriate medications in hospitalized older adults. The MedSafer project involves eleven sites at seven institutions from across Canada. MedSafer brings together clinician researchers with a strong scientific and clinical background in Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Geriatric Pharmacotherapy to facilitate safer prescribing to older adults.  For more information, visit: http://www.medsafer.org/.