How Seniors Can Stay Active During Winter

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Winter is the time of year when we tend to spend a lot of time indoors. However, it’s essential to ensure seniors stay active and maintain their mental and physical well-being during these colder months. Here is a rundown of activities they can engage in to prevent the consequences of prolonged inactivity.

Socializing with other seniors

Not only is socializing a fantastic way to keep active, but it also lifts your spirit and motivates you to stay engaged in all other areas of your life. From this standpoint, retirement home should have programs that allow seniors to interact and share their thoughts and feelings. Social gatherings such as bingo, art classes, and sharing in social groups foster teamwork among seniors and help enhance their mental strength.

Indoor Exercises

When it’s cold and unsafe, you can consider at-home workouts that match your senior fitness level. Some of the exercises you can try out include:

  • Daily walks in the hall, and up and down the stairs if they are able
  • Soaking in a hot tub to ease joints and relax
  • Help around with simple chores such as cleaning, cooking and organizing closets
  • Yoga classes
  • Chest stretches
  • Light weight lifting
  • Dancing
  • Wall presses
  • Step-ups, and more…

Boost the Brain

Staying healthy is not a matter of stamina and physical strength. Seniors can also enjoy an hour or two worth of daily mind-stimulating activities like brain teasers, puzzles, cards and board games, or reading a nice book. Besides, listening to music can help energize their mind, and so do other artistic endeavors such as sketching, painting, coloring, and sculpting.


When temperatures drop, neither you nor your beloved senior has to stay inactive owing to the unsafe conditions outside. Just keep your mind open for there are so many activities that will help keep both your body and brain healthy during winter.


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