Business Intelligence

MED e-care now offers a comprehensive, flexible key performance indicator (KPIs) Software that addresses the need for actionable data to effect improved and worsened outcomes. With the NEW Business Intelligence Software you will have the ability to enhance operational oversight with real-time access to interactive dashboards for Quality Measures, demographics and funding on a corporate, facility and resident levels.


Business Intelligence Dashboard

MED e-care’s automated alerts notify care staff whenever an area of care has been missed, due or is about to be due.  This allows care staff to access all information with only a single click.

Incident BI – Etiology

Incident Business Intelligence/ Care Intelligence is a customizable dashboard widget that shows incident occurrence statistics from each home in an organization. Users are able to drill down through several levels of organizational data, from regions to individual units. Comparative and graph views allow management to monitor progress over periods of time and recognize trends.


Demonstrates the interrelationship between Risk Indicators under the RAPS, Quality Indicators, Clinical Assessment Protocols, Care Planning, Educational Needs, RUG Resource Grouping and how they are linked to overall funding.


MED e-care’s sophisticated reports provide clinical decision makers with an in-depth understanding of their residents’ health needs benchmarked against national and international data. eReport offers a wide spectrum of individual and group reports such as: Quality Indicators, CAPS, RWPD, ADLs, RAPS, Flow Sheets, Physician 3 month reviews, Transfer & Referral, Weight Tracker and many more!

Reports pertaining to the collection of data are available over any time period: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Where specific indicators require a progress note be generated, the report documentation provides it simply and immediately.

Facility data is reported in easy-to-read reports and color graphics for ease of analysis. Our eReport product is designed for comparing major areas of risk and significant core competence in various departments. The facility can be separated into key areas where unique indicators can be created and tracked for each department. With over 550+ reports currently built into the MED e-care system, quite literally and all data that is entered can be produced in a report.

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